[Howto] solve freebsd-update invalid signature error

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check, if you have a working /usr/bin/openssl /usr/bin/openssl version file /usr/bin/openssl ldd /usr/bin/openssl   check, if you have a valid signature-file for freebsd-update /var/db/freebsd-update/pub.ssl (you can safely remove it, because a new run of freebsd-update fetches it again)   After … Continued

[Howto] read the search-path for building-tools (cpp, gcc, ld)

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  c-preprocessor (GNU cpp) environment-variable: $CPATH #cpp -v /usr/include   compiler (GNU cc) environment-variable: $CPATH #gcc -E -Wp,-v – /usr/include   linker (GNU ld) environment-variable: $LIBRARY_PATH #ld –verbose | grep -i ‘search_dir’ SEARCH_DIR(“/lib”); SEARCH_DIR(“/usr/lib”); SEARCH_DIR(“/usr/local/lib”)    

[Howto] FreeBSD 11 and postfix 3.2.0 (‘unknown system type’ error)

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make error-message: ATTENTION: ATTENTION: Unknown system type: FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p2 ATTENTION: *** Error code 1   Solution: insert into postfix-3.2.0/makedefs FreeBSD.11*) SYSTYPE=FREEBSD11 : ${CC=cc} : ${SHLIB_SUFFIX=.so} : ${SHLIB_CFLAGS=-fPIC} : ${SHLIB_LD=”${CC} -shared”‘ -Wl,-soname,${LIB}’} : ${SHLIB_RPATH=’-Wl,-rpath,${SHLIB_DIR}’} : ${SHLIB_ENV=”LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`/lib”} : ${PLUGIN_LD=”${CC} -shared”} ;;   … Continued

[Howto] KERBEROS and PAM

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prerequisite: working Kerberos configuration #/etc/krb5.conf (minimal example) [libdefaults] default_realm = <MY-REALM> [realms] <MY-REALM> = { kdc = <IP-adress> admin_server = <IP-adress> }   kerberized login: #/etc/pam.conf (without support for X Desktop Environment) login auth required pam_krb5.so login account required pam_krb5.so … Continued

[Facts] boot chain for UEFI and ZFS

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boot -chain example with UEFI (=sucessor of BIOS):   UEFI … the pc is powered on and the UEFI begins with self-test routines ↓ HDD (configured in UEFI) … UEFI boots from the configured device (e.g. “1st boot device = … Continued

[Howto] bond network interfaces in FreeBSD 10 (LAGG)

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insert into /etc/rc.conf the following code: (e.g. 4x Intel NICs bond together in LACP-Mode) # tested under FreeBSD v10.x and v11.x ifconfig_igb0=”up” ifconfig_igb1=”up” ifconfig_igb2=”up” ifconfig_igb3=”up” cloned_interfaces=”lagg0″ ifconfig_lagg0=”laggproto lacp laggport igb0 laggport igb1 laggport igb2 laggport igb3 netmask″