[Howto] WordPress error “Download failed. There are no HTTP transports available…”

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If you try to update a plugin or theme in WordPress and you get the error message: “Download failed. There are no HTTP transports available which can complete the requested request” you have to enable/install the PHP-plugins curl and openssl.


If you use prebuild PHP-packages from your distribution, you have to edit the php configfile php.ini and enable the plugins:

extension = php_curl.so

extension = php_openssl.so


If you compile PHP from source, you have to add the following options to your ./configure command:




How can i check, if the PHP-plugins are enabled?

You have to made a little php-website with phpinfo()-command and open this site in your webbrowser. This status-site must list the enabled plugins:

cURL support = enabled

openSSL support = enabled


Afterwars WordPress can automatically connect via URL to the servers and download the requested files. 🙂